Compatibility with CPAP Machines

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 Machine Make and ModelPAPWith HumidifierWith Heated Tube
AEIOMedAeiomed EverestYesYesN/A
Apex ICHApex Medical ICHYesYesN/A
Apex XTApex Medical XTYesYesN/A
CarefusionCarefusion PureSomYesYesN/A
intellipapDeVilbiss IntelliPAPYesYesN/A
evoEvo ComfortPAPYesYesN/A
ICONFisher & Paykel ICONYesYesNo
Fisher and Paykel 200 SeriesFisher & Paykel SleepStyle 200 SeriesYesYesN/A
Fisher and Paykel 600 SeriesFisher & Paykel SleepStyle 600 SeriesYesYesNo
DreamstationPhilips Respironics DreamStationYesYesWith Adapter ZCD100A-DS
PR System OnePhilips Respironics PR System OneYesYesWith Adapter ZCD100A-DS
M SeriesPhilips Resipronics all older modelsYesYesN/A
Probasic Zzz-PAPProbasic Zzz-PAPYesYesN/A
GoodKnight 420Puritan Bennett GoodKnight 420YesYesN/A
SandmanPurtian Bennett SandmanYesYesN/A
ResmartRESmart 600 and 700YesYesN/A
S8ResMed S8YesYesN/A
ResMed S9Resmed S9YesYesWith Adapter ZCD100A-S9
ResMed AirSense 10ResMed AirSense 10YesYesWith Adapter ZCD100A-A10
Transcend IITranscend IIYesYesN/A
Transcend 3Transcend 3YesYes N/A
Transcend 365Transcend 365YesYesN/A