Zoey is a new CPAP cleaner for your mask, headgear, tubing and, if you choose, your CPAP machine or humidifier.
Everyone using CPAP equipment can benefit from using Zoey.
Zoey cleans with the press of a button and colored lights. You won’t need to worry about a confusing interface or lengthy setup.
Zoey takes 20 minutes to clean, and 1 hour and 40 minutes to convert ozone back to oxygen. The entire process takes under 2 hours.
Zoey cleans using activated oxygen, or ozone, which makes cleaning mess-free.
No. Zoey is extremely quiet and operates at approximately 50 db.
Zoey has a small footprint and takes up less space than the leading CPAP cleaner. Zoey’s footprint is 9 ¼ by 5 ½ inches, and it's about 5 ¼ inches high. Zoey weighs 2 lbs and 12 oz.

Purchasing Details

Zoey is not covered by health insurance.
We are working on registering Zoey. Please check back for updates.
Zoey is designed to clean your CPAP tube, mask, headgear and, if you choose, your machine. The unit is not intended to extend the life of your CPAP equipment. Please follow your replacement schedule as normal.
Zoey is warrantied for 2 years. However, it should last for at least 5 years according to our testing.
We have found that Zoey can accommodate all popular masks, including most large full-face CPAP masks.
Yes. If you are using Zoey's tube connector to clean your CPAP humidifer, you'll need to purchase a Zoey heated tube adapter. Please visit our Adapters page for more information, or ask your retailer.
If you are using Zoey's tube connector to clean your CPAP humidifier, you'll need a Zoey tube adapter.
If you'd like to use a quick release connector on your CPAP tube, you’ll need to purchase the Zoey Quick Release Connector.
Yes, you must replace the filter and check valve after 120 complete cleaning cycles. Zoey will alert you by displaying three yellow lights. These items are packaged together in our Filter and Check Valve Kit.

Cleaning with Zoey

Before first time use, it is recommended to hand wash your CPAP equipment according to manufacturer's instructions, as you would normally without Zoey. This removes debris, and prevents oxidation odors from occurring in your CPAP equipment after running the Zoey cleaning cycle. When using Zoey regularly, you'll only need to hand wash your CPAP equipment as needed.
We recommend starting the Zoey cleaning cycle in the morning before you leave for the day. When you return home, your equipment will be ready to use.
Zoey works best on a nightstand or dresser next to your CPAP machine. Placing Zoey at the same level as your CPAP machine also helps the cleaning airflow. If you must place Zoey on a separate level, we recommend a position beneath the CPAP machine. In that case, please inspect Zoey’s check valve periodically for water, which can cause damage to your equipment. Don’t place Zoey on a soft surface such as a bed or carpet, as doing so may block the ventilation ports. We do not recommend using an extension cord.
Zoey is intended only to clean CPAP equipment.
Zoey will clean your equipment, but we recommend hand washing your CPAP mask with a CPAP wipe periodically to remove debris and dust.
Yes, we recommend drying your CPAP mask before putting it into the Zoey chamber.
It's easiest to use Zoey for a single user.
Hold down both the power and delay buttons until greens lights are displayed. This will restart the timer for 120 cycles. You may dispose of the old filter along with your household trash.
Simply wipe down Zoey with a soft damp cloth or CPAP wipe from time to time. Do not immerse in water or use harsh chemicals or bleach.

Activated Oxygen

Activated oxygen, or ozone, is created when O2 is converted into O3. This extra molecule enables an effective and safe method that is also used to clean market produce, hospital equipment, and water.
Zoey cleans your CPAP equipment by pulling oxygen, or O2, from your household environment and converting it into contained, activated oxygen, or O3. Zoey then sends a current of air through the injection tube and back into the Zoey cleaning chamber. Zoey contains the O3 to protect your respiratory health and your household. After cleaning, Zoey converts activated oxygen back into normal, breathable oxygen.
Zoey uses enough ozone to thoroughly clean your CPAP equipment. By the end of the cleaning cycle it will have decreased to completely safe and breathable oxygen.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that workers not be exposed to an average concentration of more than 0.10 ppm for 8 hours.
If you experience difficulty breathing after inhaling ozone, or are unsure and feeling unwell, please see a doctor.


Be sure that the power cord is properly plugged in and the cord is not loose.

Why is Zoey displaying three solid red lights before the cleaning cycle?

  • The CPAP tube sensor may not be triggered. Ensure that your CPAP tube is pushed in far enough onto the connector in order to trigger the sensor.
  • The lid may be open. Verify that the lid is firmly shut.

The cleaning cycle has stopped, and Zoey’s lights are blinking red

  • The CPAP tube sensor may not be triggered. Ensure that your CPAP tube is pushed in far enough onto the connector in order to trigger the sensor.
  • The lid may be open. Verify that the lid is firmly shut.

Why is Zoey is displaying one solid yellow light?

  • The cleaning cycle was interrupted. Remove CPAP tube from Zoey while lid is open, reconnect tube and shut lid, then rerun cycle for full cleaning.

Why is Zoey is displaying three solid yellow lights?

  • The filter and check valve need to be replaced.

Zoey’s lights won’t turn off following a cleaning

  • Disconnect your CPAP tube from Zoey while lid is open.
If cleaning cycle was interrupted, please wait 2 hours before opening the chamber.
Be sure that you’re pressing the button to make changes with the 3-second window.
Though Zoey cleans your equipment, it is recommended to hand clean masks cushions and other CPAP items with a CPAP wipe periodically to prevent buildup of facial oil from CPAP treatment.
CPAP equipment must be washed and dried before using Zoey for the first time, and as needed thereafter. Wash and dry according to manufacturer’s instructions and this should take care of the smell. If the smell persists, we recommend running the air from your CPAP through your mask for five minutes, prior to using it. Refrain from using products or wipes with fragrance.
This is a result of the oxidation process and it is completely harmless.
This is an expected result of CPAP usage and cleaning.
This is standard of ozone-based CPAP cleaners and this is harmless. It should dissipate within minutes of running.